Helping Former Racehorses To Help People

Why Racing To Relate ?

Our Vision and Purpose

Racing To Relate (R2R) is a racing charity established to focus on post racing careers for Thoroughbreds in Equine Assisted Services (EAS) for the benefit of people with mental and physical disabilities.  The continual single line drawing of our logo represents our historic bond with the Thoroughbred and our vision for long term positive impact on Thoroughbred welfare in the context of these very special horse and human relationships beyond racing.  

R2R focuses specifically on researching, facilitating and disseminating international industry-level support for Thoroughbreds within EAS.  Our methodologies include the study of animal behaviour and welfare research, specially commissioned international pilot schemes, as well as analysis and strong evidence-based storytelling about use of off-track Thoroughbreds within the wider EAS context.

Our strategic aims include providing leadership, based on evidence, on how best to use former racehorses as reflected in the first goals of our charity set out below. We then intend to improve access to EAS post racing careers, and optimise equine welfare outcomes within this increasingly popular and diverse field. The initial creation of a comprehensive body of evidence will provide us with an essential foundation that will enable us to achieve our vision.

To achieve our goals we are committed to engagement and collaboration with stakeholders, securing consensus and resources, joined up advocacy, research and data sharing, education and effective evidence-based communication on post racing careers for Thoroughbreds in EAS.

Our First Goals

One of our priorities is to gain a better understanding of the diverse ways in which horses are already incorporated into programmes to assist people, and how former racehorses might fit more into this picture in the future, so that we can develop evidence-based guidelines on selection and retraining for EAS in collaboration with the Racing, Retraining and EAS sector.  We have continued to make considerable headway towards the first three main goals for our charity in 2021.



To gather data on EAS especially when involving former racehorses.



To implement a long term research program to study both horse welfare and the impact of EAS on participants to increase the scientific evidence base and inform best practice.



To engage and educate the racing industry and their equine welfare partners; the EAS sector; and the general public, on existing and potential utilisation of former racehorses in EAS.

Phase One Strategy

In furtherance of our objectives, the Trustees are committed to overseeing our charity’s Phase One Strategy under the following main headings:

Benefit / Stakeholder Beneficiary Value

  • Informed, evidence-based leadership on use of Thoroughbreds in Equine-assisted Services.
  • Improved access to Equine-assisted Services.
  • Enhanced equine and human welfare in this sector of activity.



  • Engage and align stakeholders, developing effective partnerships (including charities with similar and/or complimentary objectives)
  • Ensure high quality research and information.
  • Develop effective and joined up advocacy.


Learning & Growth

  • Effective communication ensuring shared understanding and buy in to our strategy.
  • Ensure adequate specialist / technical expertise.
  • Gather and disseminate sound research and evidence.



  • Secure funding for Phase One (years 1 to 5).
  • Strengthen our financial and organisational sustainability.
  • Use resources strategically and efficiently.